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Top Gears - 'Best toy car ever built'

The 917K Junior is a 72% scale, Petrol reincarnation of the legendary Porsche 917. Developed using a 3D scan of the original Le Man winner, chassis 917.023. The 917 Junior is powered by a key start, Honda 9 bhp 230 cc petrol engine. Capable of speeds of up to 35 mph. Front spring suspension and hydraulic brakes bring the car to a stop. The car features full-size car engineering, simply scaled down. Our 917K Junior will suit drivers from as young as five years old up-to fully grown adults with the child’s seat removed.

All cars are built to order in your choice of body colour and interior trim combinations.
Please email to register your interest and one of our team will be in touch to guide you through the build and specification process. 

Choose a Livery

917K Livery

Red base, White stripes

917K Livery

White base, Mixed stripes

917K Livery

Blue base, Orange pattern

917K Livery

Pink base, Pink pattern

Porsche 917 K Side 2.jpg


The bodywork is moulded fibreglass that is a faithful tribute to the iconic 917 ‘Kurzheck’ Porsche. The car is supplied in a number of liveries at your discretion. It rides on 10-inch wheels with pneumatic tyres. The chassis is a powder-coated lightweight tubular construction.

The overall dimensions are 2.6 metres in length and 1.6 metres in width.

Porsche 917 K Front.jpg
Porsche 917K Interior.jpg


Finished with bare aluminium panels, the cockpit features a mini bucket seat for the driver upholstured in leather with suade inserts. A quick-release steering wheel is fitted, as well as working headlights and rear cooling fan, just like its full scale compadre.


The 917K Junior is powered by a 9hp 230cc engine, capable of driving this ‘half scale’ replica at speeds of up to 28mph – though the speed can be restricted if desired.

Paired with rack-and-pinion steering and hydraulic disc brakes bring the car to a stop.

Porsche 917K Engine.jpg
180 Hours

It takes over 180 hours to hand craft the 911 JNR


The 917 is 72% of the size of the real 917!

For Big Kids

Child and adult

driver friendly

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