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911 JNR Front 34 rev.jpg


911 JNR

Based on one of the most iconic silhouettes, the 911 pays homage to the icon and legend it is based upon. Trimmed in leather and featuring 2 seats, this is the perfect gift for your child which they can enjoy with a friend or sibling.


Paired with a petrol engine, the car will achieve speeds of up to 35 MPH (which can be restricted) matched with a tubular  chassis, braking is acheived via Brembo disc brakes. This faithful recreation can be trimmed in any colour or material to match the 911 of your dreams or maybe the one you have on your drive.


This specific example is finished in Oak Green metallic, The car is built using a lightweight box-section chassis, which has been powder coated in gloss black, and rides on independent wishbone suspension with coil-over shock absorbers, as well as 10-inch wheels, which are wrapped in Wanda tyres. 

The cabin features voltage and oil pressure gauges, as well as a dashboard-mounted ignition slot. At the rear, there is even a hinged transparent thermoplastic engine cover, allowing access for refuelling and maintenance.

911 JNR Rear 34 rev.jpg


Accompanying the vibrant paintwork, the two mini bucket seats are trimmed in leather and cloth. There is also leather covering the dashboard and instrument cluster, which is another faithful touch as well as a leather-wrapped, quick release steering wheel, and carpeting. All customisable to your spec.


The 911 Junior is powered by a 9hp 270cc engine, capable of driving this ‘half scale’ replica at speeds of up to 35mph – though the speed can be restricted if desired.  Rack-and-pinion steering and Brembo hydraulic brake to bring the car to a stop. 


Key Facts


Make it yours with any Porsche colour you want!


It's Quick!

Can reach speeds of 35mph (which can be restricted)

100+ Hours

It takes over 100 hours to hand craft the 911 JNR

Built For 2

The 2 seat configuration allows sharing.

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